Time flies, i am on number 15th of 47 for my Invisalign journey and being a seasoned user now for 6 months  I have the following to share on Part 3 of Invisalign journey.


(Photo with Tony (L) my hairstylist)

When you become a patient for Invisalign, i.Dental will give you the following instructions

Official Instructions from INVISALIGN (provided by Idental Surgeons)

  • You are required to wear aligners 20-22 hours per day
  • Remove aligners only when you are eating / brushing teeth
  • Aligners should always be kept in BLUE CASE when taken out
  • Clean the aligners with toothbrush  and toothpaste
  • Change a new set of aligners every two weeks ( do it only at night after brushing teeth)
  • Do not force the aligners into your teeth (call us if your set of aligners are not fitting well)
  • Use chewies every time you put on your aligners to ensure its seated properly
  • When travelling, bring another set of aligners (That’s in case you lose your current one)
  • Never throw away the previous aligners ( you may need to wear the previous one if you misplace your current one)
  • Do not keep BLUE and RED case together
  • Expect increased mobility and discomfort during the first week of wear
  • Set alarm clock in cell phone to remind yourself to wear the next set of aligners


Invisalign with the Pull Tool


(Photo: Invisalign with the Pull Tool, only available with i.Dental Invisliagn Dedicated Clinic. This is a device which will help you to extract your aligners quickly and gracefully)

My personal experience is as follows:

  1. When I first put on my Invisalign aligners; I felt like a boxer wearing a teeth guard. It is rather difficult to speak if you do not make extra effort to open your mouth and enunciate the words.
  2. First 2 sets of aligners are honeymoon period. Though it may be uncomfortable at the first 24 hours; I got used to it pretty quickly. In fact after 2 weeks, you begin to feel your mouth is naked without aligners. These 2 sets are meant to let you get used to what is to come after a month.
  3. You will always feel that your teeth has a pulling back effect almost immediately after you remove aligners. It may affect your biting when you are having your meals.  My personal advice is to remove aligners about 10 minutes before your meal and not just immediately before.
  4. One month after my aligner ‘ experience, I had an appointment to mount the aligners. The mounting of attachment is a strange process for me. I do have sensitive teeth and it was quite an experience when a little filing was done on it. I had almost 12 of them. They can be pretty sharp for your tongue if you are the playful type who likes to use your tongue to explore them.
  5. You might feel your teeth has grown sideway with attachment, it takes a while to get used to it.
  6. My Align No. 3 after a month was extremely tight, due to the attachment. After 3 days the aligners seem to take on the shape of the teeth with attachment.
  7. When I was wearing my Aligner No.4, I somehow lost the lower set just 3 days before I am supposed to wear No. 5. I chose to wear the lower aligner of No. 5 three days in advance. I didn’t feel the need to go back to the RED case and wear the old set as it would have zero effect on moving my teeth.
  8. I entered all the dates of my days to change aligners in outlook so that i will be reminded. This  is an alternative to mobile alarm reminder.
  9. Huge Side benefits of wearing invisalign
    1. My face profile is changing; my face shape now look a little sharper.
    2. I lost weight visibly because now I am lazy to take bites, snack, supper and have to remove aligners, brush my teeth again and wear them on.
    3. I have better oral hygiene than I ever had in my life. My record was to brush 5 times a day – Morning after I wake up, after breakfast,  after lunch, after dinner, and before sleep.

Invisalign in a glass of water


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In part 4, about 6 months from now, i shall be sharing on the progress and my final part of the journey. If you are keen on i.dental Invisalign, please contact (65) 6323 2813

By the way, IDental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic was officially opened end of Jun 2014.


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