10 Easy Ways To build a strong Personal branding for career women with families

by Andrew Chow | July 7, 2019
10 Easy Ways To build a strong Personal branding for career women with families

  1. Share about the joy of being a mother on Facebook. This connects yourself with other mothers out there and the network can crowdsource parenting tips from one another through you.
  2. Go for a Makeover Photography Shot. Take some photo for your professional profile so that your linkedin account will enjoy a breath of fresh air.
  3. Join a toastmaster group and practice public speaking. The ability and skill to speak to a large group of people enables you to stand out among the crowd in terms of thought leadership and delivery of key messages.
  4. Become a contributor to Parenting magazines. When your name is frequently seen in the media, you will endure a lot of mindshare for your career.
  5. Create a Instagram account and connect with the youngsters in the late teen and early twenties. The visual content on Instagram will enable you to understand the Millenials much better through the hashtags and choice of words they use.
  6. Take part in networking session at least once a month. Treat networking sessions as business appointments. When it is time to meet new people, be more proactive and connect with new people who will bring you new opportunity.
  7. Start your own Facebook Group. This is to connect both your real friends and online friends together. When you build a platform to connect people you have become a provider of opportunities to many others.
  8. Become a volunteer in a charity of your choice. When life is not just about you, you will build a personal branding of caring and nurturing the less fortunate.
  9. Conduct a online survey about life at 40 for women and share results on social media. A great personal brand is someone who provides new insights and lessons from new trends and preferences.
  10. Learn a new skill every year, when you are a learner, you will be a teacher to many. Great personal brands are learners and students of life.

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