40 friends on Facebook I would recommend

by Andrew Chow | July 5, 2019
40 friends on Facebook I would recommend

*** Original article was published in May 2010 on my Facebook’s note.

Most people on Facebook often recommend themselves with strings of credential. Today, i am going to write about 40 of my friends on Facebook.

• Aaron Koh – Aaron is a social media marketer who advises B2C, B2B and government clients on harnessing social media and the digital space to bring brand awareness directly to consumers.
• Albert Wong – He put on the most friendly smile as a property agent, makes the most difficult case simple.
• Amelia Kang – An owner of several businesses, Amelia is a lady of many talents and taste for finer things in life from wine to gourmet coffee.
• Ande Lai – My mentor and coach when I first started out as a young man, he taught me everything i need to know about creativity and marketing in business.
• Danny Pang – The self made coffee guru in coffee and own the most upbeat coffee chain in Singapore, a trainer of Barista.
• David Wee – The management thought leader ahead of our time, he refines The New Normal
• Dennis Ng – an expert in Personal Finance and Housing Loans. He is a qualified Financial Planner who is often sought after for his comments in newspapers, magazines, Radio and even TV.
• Eric Feng – the most charismatic young trainer and coach for public speaking i have ever seen. The best selling author of 2 successful and practical book on public speaking.
• Eunice Tan – member of the Association of Image Consultants International, the founding member of the International Civility Trainers Consortium and image consultant for the reality TV show The Wedding Affair
• Evelyn Pek – A Well-connected and well-informed lady, but elegant with a non threatening spirit.
• Freddy Ngiam – The man who own the largest local job portals in Singapore. His humble approach masks his years of experience handling B2B business
• Genecia Luo – A beauty queen who train other beauty queens. She is a Life Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Choreographer and Host.
• George Wong – He is dubbed the God of Wine in Singapore, the guy who teach the French how to enjoy French wine.
• James Leong – He is 1/3 of the NLP Trinity in Singapore with Raj and Lance. Their insights on Enneagram and its application in coaching and building rapport is unparallel.
• Jenny Yeo – A dynamic and hot lady who can fool you easily with her age. Her restaurant in Sembawang was featured on TV within months after opening.
• Joyce Teo – A teacher by profession, an entrepreneur in the heart. She personify custom gift by her unique dedication to her business.
• Kenneth Kwan – His motivation methods make even the most self-motivated people go to their next level.
• Kloudiia Tay IIng – Kloudiia is may be petite in person, but powerful with her pen. A trust ghost writer for all aspiring and busy writers
• Leonard Wee – The sticker man who created a practical advertising medium which anyone can carry along everyday and everywhere they go.
• Liu Weiying – The only lady in Singapore I know who has a passion for singles above 40 and beyond.
• Lucretius Goh – Lucretius is a fine gentleman that combines a leader’s mind and a servant’s heart. His assets are his connections and how he maintains them as he journeys on his caree
• Lydia Gan – A designer, match maker, counselor and image consultant all in one. While there are many sits out there teaching guys how to win a woman’s heart, Lydia is the only one who has a site teaching men how to wow a lady.
• Magicbabe Ning – The Magic lady who performs the most incredible illusion with a great smile.
• Merry Riana – My fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008, Merry is a charming lady with a rag to riches story and a passion to share and teach.
• Min Zhen – My most trusted lady for any media interview, she never out of topics to share.
• Nanz Chong Komo. The lady who makes a name out of $1.99, she continues to draw from her experiences to impact people especially women to make a difference in life.
• Nazran Ahmad – The coolest young man I have ever seen with a flair to make huge group comfortable with his presence
• Pearlin Siow – Many authors struggle with one book, she produced 5 in less than 2 years. Most will write about themselves, she loves to expound others’ achievement.
• Prasanna Srinivasan – Pras is the most dedicated information system project manager I have worked with. We ever stayed up till 3am working on a project together to get it ready for launch the next morning.
• Rovena – the most hardworking business networking organiser and planner in my circle. She is connected to every known business networking groups in Singapore and around the region.
• Rovin Wong – No Makeover is impossible with creative scissors under his hands and a keen eye for drawing out the best in you through his photography skills. .
• Samson Zee – A most fun loving host I have worked with, a certified life Coach and motivational speaker all in one. Sam has hosted big event of more than 10,000 people.
• Sarah Goh Yin – A lawyer by day, a study coach by night. Sarah is always a motivated giving person with proven track record of success.
• Stanley Leong – The rare male radio DJ, Host and Producer with a gentle voice and a sharp mind
• Teo Yong Song (Danny Teo 蒋荣煊) – the most certified and qualified person I have seen in many areas including training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, etc.
• Terence Tan – Accommodating yet professional photography, willing to make a lot of adjustment to ensure assignment are done as painlessly as possible.
• Valerie Song – Her mission is matching Great people with Great Companies on a daily basis. She is relentless in searching for the most suitable human talent for many MNCs today.
• Violet Lim – The first official match maker in Singapore who gives a refreshing brand approach to match making. The most featured and interviewed lady I know of all my friends.
• Willy Foo – The guy who truly merge cutting edge technology and photography in one. Again another fellow Spirit of Enterprise honouree in 2008.
• Wily Lim – A social media master coach who created the first ever Social Media certification course in Asia.

** For the rest of my friends whose names are not found here, please do not be offended. I have more creative ways to acknowledge all the difference you made in my life……coming soon ?

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