Bad customer service lessons every business can learn from

by Andrew Chow | July 7, 2019
Bad customer service lessons every business can learn from

5 Bad customer service lessons every business can learn from

Bad Customer Service 1 – If you operate a fast-food business, beware how you identify your customer on the receipt. All are thin; some are just thinner than the rest. We all know customer service is really about adding value and not insult to our customer’s experience with us. Pizza Hut will tell you more.


Bad Customer Service 2 – If you own a retail business, beware of the choice of music you play at the stores. This is especially so if your target audience are ladies and of the new generation. Make sure you google the lyrics and match it to your brand. Forever 21 will tell you more.

Customer Service 3 – If you are in airline business, think twice before you switch to a new baggage handling agent or your customers will be switching to a new airline. Ensure you have sufficient time for new partners to get used to your airline. Delay leads to complaints; eventually lead to less booking. Jetstar will tell you more.

Customer Service 4 – If you are in the food court business, make sure you have less than 5 cockroaches. If you have 6, you are in big trouble. We all understand a totally pest-free business environment is almost impossible. Ensure your guys are always on the alert. Marina Bay Sands Food court will tell you more.

Customer Service 5 – If you are in telco business, ensure your hotline is diverted to anywhere but 999. hotline and emergency lines are quite different, it may be the same to you. Firstly, all hotline must be answered within 5 rings. Next diversion is fine but make sure the diverted location is apt to answer hotline inquiries. M1 will tell you more.

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