7 Relevant Skills of the Future of our Connected Economy

by Andrew Chow | July 7, 2019
7 Relevant Skills of the Future of our Connected Economy

What are the Skills of the Future? Our rapidly changing and disruptive world is shaped by 5 emerging trends. We are faced with Longevity of life, the flooding of smarter machines, the expanding new media eco system, dynamic organisational structure which affects worklife integration and a globally connected world.

To meet the challenges of the future in the next 5 years, we require the following 7 skills

1.    Research and Analytical Skills. This is essential to make sense of the intelligence within Big Data collected to achieve competitive advantage in many industries, Making sense of unstructured information to draw vital clues for business survival is paramount to success.

2.    Social Networking. It is about who we know and who knows us. Business Networking is still relevant but we need social networking for follow up. It is a great source of learning and sensing of the trend in our society.

3.    Multi-disciplinary Specialisation. It is no longer enough to be specalised in just one area or just to serve a micro niche. Today we need to combine different discipline and domain knowledges in order to satisfy more demanding customers.

4.    Personal Branding. This is strictly speaking not a skill but a strategy in life to beat competition and to be uniquely positioned for mindshare and credibility. Personal Branding enables a person to be seen, heard, perceived in their respective career. It is the de facto X Factor in self promotion.

5.    Diversity Competency. Since we are globally connected, we need cultural senstivity and diversity knowledge to work with people from all over the world. Different ideas and ways of life can enrich our understanding of the world and different customers in different regions.

6.    Learnabilty. The discipline to keep learning something new every week is essential to the success of any working professional. The objective to learn from different sources is not to add knowledge but to accumulate wisdom to see new relationship and possibilities for development.

7.    Design Thinking. Functionalities is not longer the main selling points of product and services. The design for better look and feel together with the ergonomics of the products add to the brand essence and identity. Functionalities are essential but product design is important.

Skills and Knowledge will not change the life in the longer term. Attitude does. Be a learner for life. Teach whenever you learn quickly to internalise new skills and knowledge. The more natural you can do that daily, the more relevant you will be for the future economy. Learn the  Skills of the Future

About the Author:

Andrew Chow is known to be pragmatic, visionary, competitive, intuitive and giving

While he is a successful social media and public relations strategist, entrepreneur and speaker based in Singapore, he is also the best-selling author of a highly popular series of books: Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 and Personal Branding 247

Andrew has spoken in over 15 countries within 5 years and addressed more than 20,000 people on Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Enneagram, Public Relations and Branding

Andrew’s career of 30 years; has seen him work with an array of clients including AXA Insurance, Abbot Medical Optics, Singtel and Sony Pictures, M1, Starhub, and Sennheiser

Andrew had more than 300 interviews and features about him or his business since 2005 from more than 40 local and regional media.

He is listed as the Top 10 Most Influential Speaker in Singapore in 2013 by the Singapore Business Review. He won the Spirit of Enterprise in 2008 and the Successful Entrepreneur in 2010. Before he served as the President of the Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS), he also won the coveted Spirit of Service Award from the Industry.

He loves travelling and held his solo Photo Art Exhibition for 3 days in Singapore to raise funds for a charity – Teen Challenge.

Andrew is known by the moniker @ideasandrew in all his social media platforms.

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