Art of Life : The Mark of 20s & 11s in the Year 2011

by Andrew Chow | July 5, 2019
Art of Life : The Mark of 20s & 11s in the Year 2011

As I enter 2011, i was thankful of many 1sts in my life for 2010. As usual many of my friends especially on Facebook are busy with resolution, a handful decided to go into the new year without setting any. 1 Jan 2011 isn’t only the first day of a year year but a new decade. Using a good one year to set the tone for the next decade is extremely exciting. I like to share a different perspective on how I see 2011 in my life.

Friendship & Connection

  • We all wanted to get more connected to people who can help us to get to the next level. How about focusing on friendship for a start? How about making 20 new good friends and 11 new buddies in 2011? I am not talking about friends on Facebook, but people whom we have frequent contact with and enjoy their influence. Someone said we are the aggregate of the best 5 people we mix with.
  • How about challenging ourselves to make 20 good referrals and mend 11 broken bridges? There may be people we need to apologize to and thank you-card to send. Identify them and renew the connections. It is futile to go for numerous networking sessions if we burn bridges faster than we build them. How about tearing down 11 walls you have built before in order to over-protect yourself from failure? There is no such thing as failure in life, only feedback.

Pushing your personal frontier

  • To make our resolutions more organised, how about identifying 20 challenges in our lives and brainstorm at least 11 solutions to each of them? Getting through this personal audit is fun, we kill 2 birds with one stone : Do a reality check and stretching our creative mind for solution road maps.
  • No matter how knowledgeable we are, we need to seek improvement and upgrading constantly, how about devoting 20 days in 365 for training and development? Read 11 good books in 2011 to enrich your mind. If you have a blog, share them so that more of your friends will be blessed.

Take care of your body

  • how about investing 20 hours each month on exercising? and losing as many as 11 kg over a year for some of us who are considerably over-weight? I had done that 2 years ago from 90kg to 75kg. The older we get the more exercise we need.
  • I have not gone on a real holidays for years. In this year, i like to go for 20 days of holidays without internet connection and visit at least 11 different cities.

There are many 20s and 11s you can list in your life for 2011. Hopefully this article will inspire you to look deeper from within and streamline your resolutions, track milestone and build your personal brand.

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