Content is King. Content Creation is the Crown

by Andrew Chow | July 7, 2019
Content is King. Content Creation is the Crown

Social Media content is King, and it is one of the most talking about and most misunderstood topic. Social Media Content is a strategy by itself. Social Media Content Marketing is just an application. In social media, content is king while social conversation is queen. Content is any valuable information which the user can benefit to increase their knowledge about your product without the call to buy anything. It is directly opposite of a typical campaign.

if Content is King, what are the attributes of good social media content?

  • All good content must serve at least one of these 3 purposes: Educate, Entertain, Engage. Users today are spoilt for choices; they are better informed. They need quick knowledge with entertainment value and love to ask questions.
  • Content should make others come to you for update on a consistent basis. Users should love your content so much they share it with friends all the time to broaden your reach. The more people want your content, the more advocates you will have.
  • It is amazing how Twitter can survive for so long by just being concise, brief and direct. Everything can be and should be said under 140 characters. People short attention span from short information span especially the Generation Y.
  • Social Media is an inherently emotional platform. Great Content should make people feel, think and act. The more you are able to appeal to people’s emotion, the more connection you can create with the right audience.

If content is king, how to produce great social media content?

  • For beginners, it is advisable to share what’s already on social media. You may research others’ original content which satisfies the 4 attributes and curate them for incremental sharing on your platforms. Some of the tools you can utilize are Pinterest, Flipboard, Scoop IT, IFTTT, and Pocket.
  • You can create content with other stakeholders like bloggers. They can blog about you with their own opinion. Of course you do not enjoy much control over the format and approach. You can also get the larger audience involved through crowdsourcing like crowdfunding, survey, opinion poll, etc. The insights of these crowdsourcing activities is a content by itself
  • Once you know your audience well, you can create your unique content through different medium. You can do 1-minute video, infographics, inspirational posters, quotes, niche event, soundcast, etc. It is not really the format or design, it is about thinking like a normal user and decide what is it in for me to receive these information.

If content is king, the 10 most popular topics in Asia to create original content are:

  • Best Deals. Deals can be customized to certain audience and preference.
  • Country pride and Nationalism. Create something which makes people feel proud and inspired.
  • Be creative and link food to other related topic like health, personality, etc
  • Funny / Gag. Everyone enjoy a good laugh sometimes.
  • Generation Y. Invest in your future buyers by appealing to their sense of images, colour and language
  • How to make money online. Suggest ways to create multiple income streams.
  • Tips on relationship, rapport building and love is an evergreen topic.
  • Walk down the memory lane of different age group.
  • Parenting is always an interesting and challenging topic. Once you are good at it, you are out of job.
  • Private information / Gossips. Behind the scene and industry secrets are always addictive
  • Something new/ unusual and cool. It is acceptable to be a reporter once in a while to give your perspective of current affairs

The strategic approach to content creation

  1. Select you audience. Different audience will resonate with different medium of content.
  2. Source for the most suitable platform. There is no one size fits all platform. Know where your audience are and position yourself
  3. Strategize the storyboard. There must be a theme and topics with work with. Be systematic and congruent.
  4. Schedule the content. Spread the content over a timeline over 3-6 months. Recycle them once in a while.
  5. Share them often. This requires your management, staff, customers, and partners to collaborate and share each other’s content.


Content creation is hard work but the return is plentiful. When you can share knowledge unselfishly, people will buy your expertise willingly. It is a team effort and should include people who are not from your organization to participate in the process to ensure objectivity and maximum creativity.

About the author:

Andrew Chow is a passionate social media and public relations strategist, entrepreneur, speaker and author of Social Media 247 and Public Relations 247. Based in Singapore, his insights into social media strategy, public relations and entrepreneurship have made him a choice selection for workshops and speaking engagements across Asia, His mission is to educate professionals on how to leverage social channels for tangible results. Andrew’s career of 27 years; has seen him work with an array of clients including BBC, Abbot Medical Optics, Singtel and Sony Pictures.

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