Developing Brand Ambassadors for Hong Kah Point through Social Media Journalists : Bloggers

by Andrew Chow | July 5, 2019
Using social media as a recruitment platform for HR Managers

The importance of Social Media for Business

Social media brings about a fundamental shift in communications from corporate to peers (social networking)

It’s no longer about brands crafting key messages through public relations or creating a punchline for marketing. It is about social influence and advocate from a 3rd party’s voice that bring about credibility and mindshare.

Developing Social Brand Ambassadors will be a thriving trend in marketing in 2011. It will require a serious budget allocation along with other marketing initiatives.

No longer will any advertisement be complete without the presence of social media platform for crowd sourcing or immediate response.


What are imperative for social media implementation to be successful ?

In order for social implementation to be successful, there are 8 main areas an organisation need to examine before taking the plunge :

  • senior management buy-in
  • social media knowledge level
  • existing customer engagement level
  • competitive insight level
  • staff and resources allocation
  • what are the plans and channels selected
  • the presence of process documentation
  • governance and measurement control

The Story of Heartland Fiesta 2011web

Below is the case study of Heartland Fiesta (1-28 May), am initiative by Bole Business Consultancy. ( It’s objective is to bring back the spirit of heartland centres’ vibrancy through Eat, Shop and Play concept. Already into its 3rd year in 2011, it can no loner create the same buzz through traditional media like TV, radio and newspaper advertisement.


Even with the creation of the fan page, there is a need to create awareness through strong advocate (aka. social media celebrities).  This problem is compounded by the fact that many neighbourhood centres in various parts of Singapore are involved. It is a social campaign and needed social celebrities to get involved.

The Neighbourhood  Centres:

  • Toa Payoh Central
  • Bishan Town Centre
  • Teck Whye Neighbourhood Centre
  • Jurong West N5 Neighbourhood Centre (Hong Kah Point)
  • People’s Park
  • Tampines Neighbourhood Centre 4

The beginning of the Journey : Hong Kah Point

Very few Singaporeans even for those living in the West know where is Hong Kah Point. Many thought it is a mall, or a building where the town council is. It is in fact a serious of 10 HDB blocks locating at Jurong West St 51 (Blk 501 – 510). It is also known as “Chinatown of the West”

Selection of social brand ambassadors

The requirement is simple, anyone who lives, eat, play and shop at neighbourhood centres. Social Media is about uniting people with common interest. It is no longer segmenting people based on age, gender, income level or occupation.

The offer – We invited 8 bloggers with a brief summary of Hong Kah Point, 3 weeks before Lunar New Year on Jan 9. To ensure google visibility, we prepare a list of tags to be inserted into their post. Each blogger is given $150 of ang pow to eat, shop and play in Hong Kah Point on 15 Jan from 10am to any time they wish to leave. The mission is to discover the magic and spirit of Hong Kah Point and capture them on blog with pictures, video, montage or even animation. They are free to bring anyone along but the budget to shop remains the same. There will be a competition among them to select the top 3 blog. The criteria is a) Content b) Creativity c) Vote. The prize is cash money :

  • 1st Prize – $300
  • 2nd Prize – $200
  • 3rd Prize – $100


15 Jan, 2011 @ Hong Kah Point Blk 504

On 15 jan, after some briefing with a map, Mr Kelvin Tan, Secretary of the Hong Kah Shop Proprietors’ Association gave out the ang pow to 8 happy bloggers. They are :










Their blogs for the Hong Kah Point Shopping trips are as follows:



Honorable Mention

Google Search

1. On 30 Jan 2011, 10 days after closing of submission


2. On 23 Feb, 30 days after closing of submission


Conclusion :

  • Results
    • The fan base of the page increase 100% in 2 weeks
    • Google ranking improved and stay consistent after one month
    • More than 500 pictures were added.
  • Social Media readiness
    • Senior Management Buy-in – Both the management and staff were supportive of the social campaign
    • Social Media Knowledge – All key staff are administrators of the page
    • Existing customer engagement level – Most micro business owners have yet to catch on the social media fire, but the younger generation living in neighbourhood centres are more aware of Hong Kah Point
    • Competitive insight level – In this case study, there was no competitors of a similar business
    • Staff and resources allocation – Staff planning and consultancy were needed and fund for shopping and prizes were also allocated.
    • What are the plans and channels selected – Only Facebook and Bloggers were engaged this time
    • the presence of process documentation – It is not integrated to other marketing initiatives except for press advertisement
    • governance and measurement control – As this is the pilot initiative, the governance is entirely depended on the discretion of the consultant
  • More projects are under way – those who are bloggers and keen to participate in the next shopping.blogging trip, please contact Andrew Chow –

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