Disruptive Digital Marketing is really about going back to basic of knowing your customers

by Andrew Chow | July 7, 2019
Disruptive Digital Marketing is really about going back to basic of knowing your customers

-Know where are your customers are on their buying journey (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)

– Create different buyer persona to ascertain the niche keywords. Different buyers have different pain although you may have the same solution for all

– The real online visibility game starts with owning the niche and long tail keywords. Your USP starts here.

– Branded Content is the new online advertisement. Think like a journalist and write as if you are in the papers. Be as objective as you can. Use hyperlink and avoid being too heavy on the call to action.

– Content Marketing is Digital Story Telling. Write your script well. Get emotional. Associate your story with anything people can identify with everyday’s life

– Content is King but Engagement (Context) is Queen of Social Media. Make sure you have active engagement of comments, shares, and mention.

– If engagement is the heart of social media, hashtags are they keys to engagement. Remember the 9 criteria for hashtags. (Popular, Context, Branded, Memorable, Niche. Brief, Re-usable, Trackable, Unique)

– If you wish to go fast, work with influencers. If you wish to go far, work with ambassadors. Work Smart! You should not invite the most popular of all; you need to invite the most suitable of all.

– Even when a prospect becomes your customer, you have to do re-marketing. They need to be reminded of you often. Electronic Direct Mailing will still work when they know you and want to be in your inner circle.

– Virtual Reality is the Reality of Digital Marketing today. Invest in technology or be devoured by it. Use it in a way people do not expect you to.

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