Learn-a-thon : Seminar Key Note to raise funds for flood victims of South East Asia on 28 Nov 2011 – Kallang Theatre

by Andrew Chow | July 4, 2019
Learn-a-thon : Seminar Key Note to raise funds for flood victims of South East Asia on 28 Nov 2011 – Kallang Theatre


It is not difficult to inspire you to develop your social network for success.  There are many networking groups, investment seminars and social media platforms out there to choose from.

It is also easy for me to talk about value investment which may need a small capital. You will get many great advices tonight from our speakers here on how to make it that happen.

Tonight, I am talking about creating social capital within your existing networks will bring you to the next level.

Social capital is about creating new connections and collaboration among different networks in your life with your time and personal touch.

The bottom line is about having more opportunities created for yourself with others through great relationship.

Very quickly for tonight, you need to remember  “H.A.M” in order to know how to raise social capital!  and I am sure you will always think of social capital the next time you eat a piece of ham!


Ideas are very cheap.  Implementation is expensive!

You need plenty of hard work to become successful.  Just because you have great ideas doesn’t guarantee you any success.  It only ensures you having a good time feeling high about it.

You need to work with many others who are very different from you to become successful.


In our life, we all hear so much about sowing and reaping talks. The trouble is many people are getting the order wrong . Where you sow may not be where you will reap.  Who you sow your time and effort on, may not be the one who will bless you in return. How you sow may not be the manner in which you will reap.

You need to be personable, not being personal.  You must be genuinely interested in people to lay the foundation for great social capital. Some people never seem to network enough because they burn bridges faster than they build them.


You need to be creative.  it’s about identifying a new relationship between 2 seemingly non-related networks. It’s not about knowing more people.  it’s about forming more strategic alliance from the people you already know.

You need to be generous. It’s not about cutting more slices off the same pie, leaving the biggest slice to yourself and giving leftovers to others. It is about enlarging the existing pie! Even if you cut the slices the same way, everyone enjoy a bigger piece as a result.


You need social capital to make everything work. Remember The size of your social capital determines the health of your network. And we all know any kind of health will eventually become wealth to a person.

Is this helping anyone tonight? Yes?!

Good night!

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