Let’s be Clear about Digitisation, Digitalisation and Disruption

by Andrew Chow | July 7, 2019
Let’s be Clear about Digitisation, Digitalisation and Disruption


Digitisation is the conversion of manual format to digital format using technologies

Digitalisation is Integration of technologies into everyday life

Disruption is causing a challenge that interrupts your competitor’s business


Digitisation is about processing information

Digitalisation is about drawing intelligence from these information

Disruption is about creating agile innovation from these intelligence


Digitisation involves new learning of knowledge and skills

Digitalisation requires new development of character and values

Disruption demands a new attitude towards life and work,


Digitisation is about doing the work better for now

Digitalisation is about seeing the Future of Work

Disruption is about the creating the Work of the Future


Digitisation can lead to serving existing customers better

Digitalisation helps us to find new customers faster

Disruption is to create a market which never existed before


Digitisation usually begins with an idea to improve something

Digitalisation is the concept that ensure the idea gets to be implemented

Disruption is having a vision to change the world into a better place


Digitisation is playing by the rules of advancement

Digitalisation is raising your game of advancement

Disruption is creating a new competition with your own game and rules

Digitisation may not leads to eventual disruption but a disruption always requires digitalisation

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