“Life is Beautiful” – An Interview with Celine Chan

by Andrew Chow | July 2, 2019

“Life is Beautiful” – An Interview with Celine Chan

I always believed that a fat investment and good marketing strategies are enough to make any business successful. But I was proved wrong after meeting Celine Chan, the owner of My Cozy Room, a boutique spa located in a shop house in Orchard Road. Warm and welcoming are the two best words to describe her spa. The rich golden interiors offer a royal welcome and you already start feeling pampered!

A very calm figure, Celine seemed poised to face the interview while sitting on a Victorian chair with gold carving. Radiating with positive energy, Celine shared her story of success and what made her spa immensely popular among common people and celebrities.

The inspiration behind My Cozy Room

Celine Chan’s inspiration to open a spa comes from her own story. While looking for treatments for her own skin problems, she was frequently misled by pushy sales people from cosmetic companies and spas to use products and therapies that sometimes worsened her skin condition. It was Celine’s unpleasant experience with pushy sales people and ineffective treatments that inspired her to open a spa that will serve hard rather than sell hard.

A Business Studies graduate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Celine worked in corporate for a few years before deciding to embark on something that she was zealous about. She followed her passion and that’s how My Cozy Room, a beautiful and classy boutique spa came into existence.

Choosing spa over any other businesses

Celine feels that spa is very much aligned to her belief that “life is beautiful”. Beauty and relaxation therapies have positive effect on mental and physical well-being and Celine loves to make people happy by solving their skin problems or help them feel beautiful.

Celine shares that many of her customers feel terrible about their skin condition and lose hope to regain beautiful skin. She adds “Many teenagers develop low self-esteem due to acne marks and blemishes, so much so that they stop finding themselves beautiful anymore.” My Cozy Room’s team not only offers customized treatment to such customers but also show them a ray of hope. For Celine, feeling beautiful is equally important as looking beautiful.

A spa that offers personal touch like no other

How does Celine ensure that My Cozy Room offers a unique experience? Unlike other commercial spas, Celine tries to strike a personal rapport with her clients.

The spa offers Pre-Service Consultation, where Celine personally meets the customer and tries to get an overall idea about their lifestyle, work pressure, medical condition and other related issues. This helps Celine in understanding customer’s major problem areas and designing therapies based on their personal condition. My Cozy Room’s facial and skin treatments turn out to be successful as they are designed to suit individual’s need.

The most striking thing about My Cozy Room is its non-pushy sales policy. Her spa never sells services and products forcibly to customers. She says “Our job is to suggest the best skin treatment or relaxation therapy to the customer, but we never force them to buy any product or service.”

Marketing efforts that make My Cozy Room a popular spa

Celine believes in wining customers by offering them a “wow experience”. Referral and word-of-the-mouth are the best advertising strategy that she relies on. A host of celebrities in Singapore patronize MyCozyRoom. “Any luxury spa will willingly sponsor celebrities, but they love My Cozy Room for the personal touch and coziness that it offers.”

Celine’s idea of business revolves around the belief that “if you sow good seed, it will bear good fruit.” She stays unperturbed by competition and rather focuses on building goodwill with the customers.

My Cozy Room staff and skincare product

Celine personally trains her staff to develop intuitive quality so they can understand the problem areas of the customer. She says, “My staff can diagnose the stressed areas of a customer’s body using their intuitive hands during the massage. They try to focus on the problem areas using their massage skills.” Wow, that sounds so relaxing and therapeutic!

My Cozy Room patronizes Babor, no.1 skincare product of Germany. Celine prefers BABOR because she wants to offer the best and the safest to her clients. Acne Treatments, Extraction Facials, Congested Pores Treatments are the key strengths of My Cozy Room spa and Babor is suitable for all these therapies.

A business woman with a difference

Meeting Celine Chan changed my idea of succeeding in business. Apart from investment and strategy, the two most important things required to make your business a success are passion and goodwill, and Ms Chan is brimming with both.

It is really incredible that without any aggressive strategy or marketing gimmicks, Celine has managed to make My Cozy Room an award winning spa with accolades from World Luxury Spa Awards and Cozycot Holy Grail Beauty Awards. Her spa has also won Brides Most Desirable Beauty and Wellness Awards for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014.

A beauty therapist with a beautiful heart, I wish Celine all the best for My Cozy Room!

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