My Cozy Room is my kind of SPA (4-in-1)

by Andrew Chow | July 2, 2019

SPA treatment is no longer a luxury’ it is a must in today’s fast paced and highly stressful lifestyle.  In the past, it will be a crazy idea to have a Back Scrub, Hot Stone Back Therapy, a full body massage and a Eye Massage in one session! Not anymore, the award-winning boutique spa – My Cozy Room is the first SPA i know with such service and I recently caught up with the co-founder Celine Chan.

1.       Celine, tell me more about you and why do you did start MyCozyRoom?

My interests in beauty and skin care started like most girls thus I have been an avid spa-goer since my teenage days. At that time, I have been plagued with problematic skin and have sought for many different ways to treat my skin but there wasn’t any effective solution. In the process of searching for a solution to treat my skin, I have encountered many negative experiences and my self-esteem was greatly impacted. At the worse time of my life, I suffered from quarter-life crisis.

The turning point came when I turned 30, I decided to ignite my passion for beauty where I can express my creativity to add value to the world. Thus I gave up my 10-year marketing career and I started My Cozy Room Boutique Spa with a like-minded business partner.

My business nature stems from my personal experience. I wish to help those who faced beauty woes like I used to, without having them to go through the “painful” and unpleasant experiences. I want to be able to use my business as a platform to fulfil my philosophy of “Life Is Beautiful” – making one see the beauty in life in a holistic way, from inside out.

Indeed the spa industry is very competitive, however with my personal experiences as a spa goer, I am able develop a business from the point of view as a consumer, adopting the best practices and eliminating the things that I as a consumer will not like to experience within a spa. This makes my services more true and connected to the hearts & minds of my customers.

I wanted to showcase that anyone can turn passion into reality. One may not need to be the master of the trade to be in the business, as long as I can discover and develop from my own strengths and skills.

Andrew Chow With Celine

2. What is so special about My Cozy Room:

Specially selected the spa in a shophouse where it feels like home.

The cozy ambience with a comforting sense of familiarity without any pressure or hard-selling techniques, our commitment to delivery genuine services which comes from the heart and our sincerity towards customers’ welfare is something which sets us apart from the rest of the other spas.

My therapists are specially hand-picked and trained to provide a wholesome experience for my customers. “Serving from the heart” is the motto for our staff. Placing customer as the priority, the treatments we provide are customized according to the needs of the customers.

Giving customers only the best quality, we use premium BABOR products in our treatments – the No. 1 in professional skincare from Germany.

My Cozy Room Logo

3.       What is 4 in 1 Elsberry Stemcell Body Spa Indulgence ? 

My latest signature treatment – the 4-in-1 Elsberry Stemcell Body Spa Indulgence , it is a 4-in-1 Body Massage experience put together and is exclusively available at our spa. The massage uses the latest state-of-the-art stemcell research products from BABOR, that provides skin’s ability to regenerate & renew. It assist to combat skin-aging & sagging as a result. Thus, this is not simply a massage, it’s also an anti-aging body treatment at the same time!

To enhance the benefits of this spa experience, this treatment customised to treat the most common ailments of most people:

We will first start off with a Passion Fruit Back Scrub to exfoliate the most “difficult-to-reach” part of our body. Followed by a Lava Hot Stone Back Therapy which is very useful in treating stiff neck & back problems of most office dwellers. AFull Body Massage using BABOR latest Body Spa products will be customised accordingly to the customer’s preference and any area of concern. We will then end off with a Crystal Eye Massage to reduce puffiness & revitalise our strained tired eyes cause by long hours of staring at screens of electronic devices.

Andrew Chow With Celine-at-KPI

4. What are some of the accolades of My Cozy Room?

My Cozy Room has received numerous awards by Blissful Brides Magazine for Best Bridal Spa Venue, Bridal Beautifying Facial, Best Bridal Beautifying Bacial in 2012. In 2013, Editor’s Choice Awards for Best Bridal Treatment, Editor’s Choice Winner for Preferred Wellness & Beauty Brand. My Cozy Room has also been nominated for the prestigious World Luxury Spa Award 2013/2014. A spa fit for beauty kings & queens, My Cozy Room is privileged to be the Official Beauty & Spa for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, Miss Singapore Intercontinental, Mrs Singapore 2012, Manhunt Singapore 2012 & 2013. This year, we have emerged as the Finalists of the World Luxury Spa Awards 2014!

My Cozy Room-Awards

5. And what about yourself?

My personal achievement was emerging as the winner of the 100 Most Loved Beauty Professionals in 2011 awarded by CozyCot and one of the CozyCot’s Inspiring Young Women 2012 and 1st-runner up of Miss Dreamgirl 2013.


Clients to My Cozy Room are high-profile personalities include Hollywood Actress, International Speakers, Radio DJs, celebrities, models. These are people who are seeking of private space of an exclusive spa.


My Luxurious 4-in-1 Elsberry Stemcell Body Spa Indulgence at $48 (75mins, Usual Price: $168)

– Passion Fruit Back Scrub

– Soothing Lava Hotstone Back Therapy

– Full Body Massage using latest BABOR products infused with exclusive Elsberry Stemcell

– Refreshing Crystal Eye Massage

Bonus: For optimal experience, you can extend your experience for 30mins at only $38!

All readers of my blog can mention me and get this special promotion listed above (Promotion is valid from the date you blog to 30 July 2014)

Terms & Conditions:

  • All special prices above are limited to 1 trial service per person.
  • Valid for first-time customers of My Cozy Room Boutique Spa
  • Maximum booking of 2 persons at one time.
  • Not valid for Spa Party Celebration Package
  • Valid for all PRs and Singaporeans only (not for tourists).

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My verdict on 4-in-1 Elsberry Stemcell Body Spa Indulgence:

– Passion Fruit Back Scrub. It was an unusual experience for a guy to have your back scrubbed. The scent made us very relaxed and and feel my back is having a spring cleaning. Score : B+

– Soothing Lava Hotstone Back Therapy. This is the most therapeutic of all, the heat actually made me enter into my dreamland very quickly. I felt asleep and if not for the fact the service staff asked me if it is too hot, it will be a very smoothing sleep. Score : A

– Full Body Massage using latest BABOR products infused with exclusive Elsberry Stemcell. Perhap my back is to stiff, i prefer harder massage but i am sure this will be just right for most ladies. It was good but i think it is a little too short ? – Score : B+

– Refreshing Crystal Eye Massage. I do have eye bags and this is so much more relaxing than having Botox. It is cold treatment; a sharp contrast to the hotstone back therapy. I am so tempted not to open my eyes even when it is completed. Score : A-