Public Relations is just like Graffiti

by Andrew Chow | July 7, 2019
Public Relations is just like Graffiti

Public Relations is just like Graffiti; you need a clear message to be effective and accepted.

Public Relations helps you build visibility, credibility and interest for you and your business. Many small business owners hope to generate buzz and media publicity, but feel intimidated or do not know where to begin.

This arises from the common misconception that media publicity is exclusive to companies with big budgets to employ corporate communications specialists or engage PR agencies. Everyone can produce graffiti; you just need the right training and a creative mind.

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The truth is, regardless of the size of your company, you too can create media publicity once you master the art and science behind PR. It all starts with crafting an effective pitch, which is a combination of understanding your brand essence and adding a dose of creativity and flair. An insight into what is considerded newsworthy and what the media is looking out for will increase your odds of having a successful pitch and generating the publicity you and your business truly deserve. A graffiti can brighten a lonely tunnel.

PR should form part of your business’ overall sales and marketing strategy to help you uplift your brand image in the eyes of your stakeholders and the public.

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“Public Relations 247” is written by entrepreneur for entrepreneurs and business owners in mind to impart the art and science of PR. Within this book, you will find the key to executing a successful strategic PR plan to bring your business to a new level. You will also find 50 tested-and-proven strategies for media pitching that will give you a head start in your PR campaign.

Be the best graffiti producer today!

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