The Art of Online Personal Branding

by Andrew Chow | July 4, 2019

Today I conducted the pilot run of ‘The Art of Online Personal Branding” for 25 adult learners organised by CaliberLink


Located at Manulife Centre along Bras Basah Road, CaliberLink has been set up to strengthen employment facilitation for PMEs. It supports WDA’s wider mission to champion life-long learning and skills upgrading, particularly among PMEs. It will do so by performing three roles:

·         A Learning Gateway

CaliberLink aims to be at the frontier of lifelong learning and professional development for PMEs. It will tap on WDA’s network of over 40 CET centres to offer quality, industry-relevant learning pathways that suit PMEs’ interests. It will also assist human resource (HR) practitioners and training professionals to plan and develop customised learning development plans and programmes.

·         An Employment Exchange

CaliberLink will also seek, screen and refer suitable PME talents based on employers’ hiring needs. Furthermore, CaliberLink will provide opportunities for employers and PMEs to meet face-to-face through tailored and engaging activities, such as recruitment events and networking sessions.

·         A One-Stop Centre

CaliberLink provides a wide range of services for PMEs to discover and prepare for their next career or new employment. Examples of such services include training advisory, career coaching, career-search skills such as resume writing as well as workshops on career planning, visumes (video resumes) and grooming.

The Art of Online Personal Branding

  • Introduction and Opening (9.00am-9.30am)
  • Overview of Social Media (9.30am – 10.00am )
  1. Differentiate the Internet and New Internet (Social Media) Age
  2. Embracing the social media lifestyle
  3. Mastering Social Media Content, Conversation & Communities
  4. Social Media Ethics and Etiquette (Managing online conversation)
  5. The Myths of Social Media
  • BREAK (10.00am-10.15am)
  • Photo Taking (10.15am – 10.45am)
  • The Platforms and Channels of Social Media (Part 1) – (10.45am – 12.45pm)
  1. FaceBook – The King of Social Networking
  2. LinkedIn – The network of connection, recommendation and sharing
  3. Twitter – The Personal Brand Directory of Social Media
  4. Youtube  – The Social Coffee shop for Social Commercial
  •  LUNCH (12.45pm – 1.45pm)
  • The Platforms and Channels of Social Media (Part 2) – (1.45pm – 2.45pm)
  1. Flickr – The Open Album
  2. Podcast : Personal On-demand Broadcast
  3. Slideshare  – The platform to share your knowledge, Sell your expertise
  4. Blog – The corporate dairy every company needs
  • Advanced Platforms (2.45pm-3.30pm)
  1. Article Submission and Crowd Sourcing Tools
  2. Social Media Monitoring : Social
  3. Social Media Aggregation : Hootsuite
  4. Social Media Knowledge Base
  •  TEA BREAK (3.30pm-3.45pm)
  •  Current applications of Social Media (3.45pm-4.00pm)
  • Social Media Etiquette (4.00pm-4.45pm)
  1. Your appearance
  2. Friending
  3. Conversation
  4. Disclosure
  5. Promoting
  6. Content Creation
  7. Sharing
  • Questions & Answers and Closing (4.45pm-6.00pm)

The 25 participants were very pro active in signing up Linkedin profile and joining the relevant groups. They even started the Caliberlink Alumni Group –

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