Top 10 Moments in 2011 – Andrew Chow

by Andrew Chow | July 4, 2019
The tale of 2 Andrew Chows

It is the time of the year again to reflect and give thanks for the past 12 months. There are just too many happy moments and breakthroughs. I will list 10 of them in 2011 and they are not in any order of importance.

  1. Speak in Learnathon 2011. In Nov, This is an amazing event, spear-headed by Mr Patrick Liew, where all the planning and coordination were mostly done on Facebook. We had almost 250 volunteers, helpers and sponsors. The meeting is only merely for updating and not discussion. We raise $135,000 for Mercy Relief for South East Asia flood victims. i learn a lot from Patrick about being the rain-maker and from Hock Chye about Corporate governance. The dedication of the entire core team really touched me. We did everything from concept to implementation in 23 days!
  2. Participate in MTE Charity. This is definitely a first for me! I thought speaking to 1100 is a good challenge for charity. Now I am going to sing solo, unplugged in front of 300-400 VIPs and guests for a private event to raise funds for Club Rainbow and Dignity Kitchen. Though the event will be 16 Jan 2012, practice and planning started in Oct 2011.
  3. Sharing my life journey  in MTE. I never really thought about connecting the dots in my life together and forms a story until Steve Job passed away in 6 Oct. On 27 Oct, I shared my life in a MTE. Knowing the co-founder Roger Koh, Raymond Ng and Ben Aw have been a great experience, not forgetting more than 130 entrepreneursmeeting, in their 12th session.
  4. Overseas Training is always fun and exciting, this year I had 3 firsts!
    1. First time to Vietnam in Jan 2011
    2. First time to Dubai, in Jan 2011
    3. First time to India, in Oct 2011
  5. In most cases of the years past, I would be happy for one radio interview once or twice a year. This year I did 4 Radio Series with 938live in Singapore and BFM 89.9 in Malaysia
    1. 9-week Enneagram from Sep to Nov
    2. 4-week relationship from May to June
    3. 4-week DIY PR from Sep to Oct
    4. 4-week Enneagram from Nov to Dec (week 2 onwards, I arranged 3 other Enneagram experts to share airwave with me)
  6. Selected by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). The interview was in March by 4 staff, followed by a 2-hour training for 8 staff, and finally a complimentary speaking slot in a seminar in 28 July. In Dec, I was appointed to train Module 2 of SME Leadership (Strategic Marketing)
  7. Official launch of Movie – “Friends with Benefits” on 21 Sep 2011. For the first time, I organise a business networking with dinner, wine and movie event with Sony Pictures and BeTheRightYou. Besides the movie, the highlight of the night was a talk by Mrs Singapore, Vanessa Tan on “Body Shape”, her team organised the ce breakers revolving around the same theme too.
  8. Birthday party cum networking. To combine birthday celebration and networking, I organised a Business Pleasure Mixer on 18 Feb 2011. The venue is Smartspace owned by Michael Zhan and Yvonne. They are one of the nicest people I have worked with. Collaboration with them is always a breeze!
  9. After more than 5 years since its inception, finally has a feature on Sunday Times. See Yeong and Samie were always so gracious in sharing their first encounter on how they met. They are happily married with a twins just in Dec.
  10. Elected into Ex-Co of Association of Professional Speakers – Asia (APSS)  as its PR Officer in Aug 2011. In the short 4 months, I have successfully pitched for more than 12 speakers on radio on their areas of expertise and also the upcoming APSS Book in Feb 2012

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