Using social media as a recruitment platform for HR Managers

by Andrew Chow | July 4, 2019
Using social media as a recruitment platform for HR Managers

In the near future, no resume is complete without your Linkedin account.  These are networks which Professionals, Executives, Business Owners and Technical specialists (PMETs) deposit their resume and connections online.

Branding as a Choice Employer. Make it a standard practise to have all level of management on professional social network like Linkedin. Encourage senior managers to update their company and designation.

Looking beyond the candidate’s referees. Do not limit to the contact given in the resume. Study the candidate’s connections and recommendations on Linkedin to verify his background.

You can authenticate their work experiences and character through the business friends they keep on professional social network.

Status and Update: Most professional social networks keep a long history of a profile’s status update. Study the words he use to express how he feel, who he met, projects he has accomplished, etc .

Network is powerful. The extent of a candidate’s network is a result of his constant networking effort. If he claims to spend extensive time in China, does he have considerable contacts from the same country?

The quality of a candidate’s professional social network is clear evidence to his past work’s achievement.

Portfolio Showcase: If you are evaluating a consultant for hire, try research on his online contribution to blogs, wikis, presentations and proposal on portals like Slideshare and Scribd.

Business Socially: Many search firms are using professional social network to connect with other recruiters and hirers.

If you are a head hunter, forming an alliance with your peers will reduce your time and effort looking for a candidate for your client.

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