Who is an Influencer?

by Andrew Chow | July 4, 2019
Who is an Influencer?

A influencer will produce other influencers and become a mentor to them

A influencer never makes decision based on assumptions but from answers by asking the right questions

A influencer will always be creative in managing different people in different situations

A influencer is more interested in people and relationship than projects and results.

A influencer has excellent communication skills by actively listening twice as much as he speaks.

A influencer is an excellent life negotiators who looks for shared interest rather than at different positions

A influencer is always aware of his own body language while observing others’ to establish rapport.

A influencer listens with empathy and speak with sincerity

A influencer has good memory about people but quick to forgive and forget

A influencer knows how to say the right things at the right time with good choice of words

A influencer can get into the minds of difficult people and win them over

A influencer is skilled in drawing attention and sensitive enough to give undivided attention

A influencer lights up his surrounding wherever he goes and will be missed whenever he leaves.

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