Why companies are not adopting social media?

by Andrew Chow | July 4, 2019
Why companies are not adopting social media?

There are 10 main reasons why many companies are not embracing social media as part of their business strategy. Interestingly, they all begin with the letters which form the word SOCIAL MEDIA

S – Strategy. Companies do not have a clear game plan, not sure of their target audience and objectives of being on social media..

O – Organisation. Organising themselves internally and integrate other marketing, communications and publicity efforts require more than a change of standard operating procedure, it requires a change of mindset and culture.

C – Channels. Most corporate are clueless as to which platforms are suitable for their business especially when it is a B2B scenario.

I – Investment. Social Media platforms may be free but not for training, consultation, content preparation, measurement, etc..

A – Authenticity. Many corporate are too used to using “We”, “us” instead of “I”. People like to connect with people not organisation.

L – Listening. Most corporate do not really listen to their customers in the first place. When you have active listening, you will get a feel of brand sentiment in the social circles

M – Moderation. On social media, there is really no moderator. Unless you create a social networking within your web 2.0 environment, you will need to accept the good with the bad.

E – Engagement. Engagement is a BIG word. Everyone talks about it but few understand the commitment behind active engagement.

D – Direction. As a corporate entity, many other functions will need to be re-aligned if social media strategy is deployed.

I – Infrastructure – Monitoring benchmark and systems must be set to measure Key Performance Index. Best practices for sales, marketing, branding and other department must be continuously built upon in the Knowledge Base.

A – Analytics – Do corporate know what are they measuring? How do you utilise certain data to improve on product and service? How does trend and research affect decision making and resource allocation?

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