Business Consultant

Andrew Chow with Dr Patrick Liew (Business Consultancy)
Andrew Chow with Dr Patrick Liew just before the CNA938 radio interview

Why is a Business Consultant crucial for Small Medium Enterprise Business Owners (SME)?

  • The primary purpose of a Business Consultant is to provide a strategic roadmap and templates for the implementation and execution of plans.
  • Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. Andrew can becomes part of the Management Mastermind Group to provide a more balanced view of the business direction.
Andrew Chow with Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organisation (WTO) - (Business Consultancy)
Andrew Chow with Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organisation (WTO)

What’s the difference between a Business consultant and a vendor?

  • A consultant is hired to look at the entire or part of the business model or process. His main role is to produce expert advice and best practices to the client. Part of his service is to evaluate vendors for the client.
  • A vendor is hired to execute or implement a routine process as smoothly and painlessly as possible. A vendor is only responsible for his Key Performance Indicator in the specific projects.
  • A vendor should not serve as a consultant to the client and only recommend his service. It is a conflict of interest.
  • Both a consultant and a vendor can work within a contract or agreement for an agreed duration
Andrew Chow with founder of My Cozy Room Celine Chan (Business Consultancy)
Andrew Chow with the founder of My Cozy Room Celine Chan

Which area will a Business Consultant create the biggest impact?

  • Formulating and Alignment different strategies together
  • Swift Positioning of products and services
  • Developing Guidelines on building a tribe
  • Constructing a Dashboard of Key Performance Indicator
  • Integrating different channels of Brand Communications.
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Raising awareness through mainstream media
  • Implementing an effective corporate social media strategy
  • Building the Personal Branding of the CEO of SME Owner or a Startup CEO
Andrew Chow with Freda Liu - BFM - Are you my type at work (Business Consultant)
Andrew Chow with Freda Liu – BFM – Are you my type at work

How long is a typical contract for a business consultant?

  • The duration can vary from 3 months to 12 months working with key members of the management and staff.
  • It is best to be a 6-month period to see tangible results and for the SME owners to be independent and be self-sufficient in the long run.
Andrew Chow with Singapore Minister Lim Hng Khiang in 2015 (Business Consultant)
Andrew Chow with Singapore Minister Lim Hng Khiang in 2015 in SMEICC event

Who else is involved besides the business consultant?

  • Besides the SME owners, it could involve the key staff and even other vendors or partners of the company
  • There might be other subject matter experts which Andrew will invite to be part of the service. The objective is to get the best man for the right task. Working as a strategic team is the way to achieving greater success in business
  • Collaboration is a new competition.
Andrew Chow - 3-in-1 Box Set
Andrew Chow – 3-in-1 Box Set

Why choose Andrew Chow CSP as your Business Consultant?

Domain Expertise.

  • Conventional wisdom says specializing in a niche and be so good at it that you have hardly any competitors and be well-positioned. Andrew Chow prefers to blend several related topics and offers a unique perspective on how disrupted the future can be when we become Jack of Many Trades. He has many domain expertise

Professional Experience

Thought Leadership through publishing

Andrew Chow Key Person of Influence - Speaker in Entrepreneur Brand Accelerator 2014

Satisfied Clients

  • Andrew Chow had served clients from diverse industries and span across government, B2B and B2C models. It also consists of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to startups.
Andrew Chow's List of Satisfied client (Business Consultant)
Andrew Chow’s List of Satisfied client

Testimonies of Andrew Chow Business Consultancy

As a veteran of public relations, branding and marketing, Andrew is the expert to go to if you want to elevate your business profile and supercharge your business. Using his creative and unique approach, Andrew secured high profile media interviews for my business, Stradivari Strings.

These include Sunday Times feature on 20 June 2019, radio interview with Mediacorp’s “93.8 Now” on 19 March 2019, and interview with multiple-award winning blogger Grace Tan. The total public relations value delivered to date is $250,000. These high profile media interviews were further leveraged with Andrew’s strategic direction to convert them professionally to videos. These videos provided solid content for Stradivari Strings , channel. The PR spin offs also to other social media Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. As Andrew rightly pointed out, “In business, you do not want to be the best kept secret”.

The content creation strategy includes features all my music teachers on video through Q&A and their portfolio. Interviews from were into videos with caption to capture the younger audience. The result is the extension of social media conversation and building a new tribe .

With his guidance, I also implemented highly effective social media strategies from January 2019. His clear and concise strategy to social media also helped my business gain a big tribe of followers. My tribe continues to grow each day. With Andrew’s expertise, my business volume hit an all-time high in June 2019 and the best is yet to come. Andrew is a top-notch professional who is highly energetic, passionate and cares about the progress of each of his . I cannot thank him enough for turbo charging my business. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for an effective PR, branding and marketing expert

Rita Yeo (Managing Director of Stradivari Strings
Andrew Chow Chaperons Rita Yeo to Mediacorp 2019 (Business Consultant)
Andrew Chow Chaperons Rita Yeo to Mediacorp 2019