Charity & Volunteerism

In addition to his professional work, Andrew Chow has organized or participated in several charity projects, corporate social responsibility drives, and philanthropy initiatives.  Charity & Volunteerism

Charity & Volunteerism should be the hallmark of all influencers and thought leaders. 

Andrew Chow has also many with many business friends and associates for other community projects


Your life isn’t measured by the cards you are dealt, but by how well you play them
– Andrew Chow
  • Volunteer as Social Media Advisor to the World Toilet Organisation (WTO)

    Charity & Volunteerism
    Charity & Volunteerism for World Toilet Organisation
  • Andrew organised Personal Photography Exhibition to raise $11500 for Teen Challenge

    Andrew Chow_s Fifty and Fabulous Photo Exhibition - Charity & Volunteerism

  • Andrew contributed to the building of a well in the Water Project in the Global Village for Hope in Myanmar.

    Charity & Volunteerism
    Charity & Volunteerism for Mynamar Water Project


  • Volunteer as Social Media Advisor to Teen Challenge

    Andrew Chow with Tan Chuan Jin - Charity & Volunteerism
    Andrew Chow with Tan Chuan Jin
  • He co-sponsored Mother and Child project through the partnership with Vanessaism Inc by raising funds through Miss Singapore Global 2013 pageant.

    In 2013 through Operation Smile as part of an annual fundraising event (Raise Your Game 2013) organized by the Association of Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS)

    Miss Singapore Global 2013 - Charity & Volunteerism

  • Charity & Volunteerism

    Andrew created a blog and launched a campaign to raise funds for the family of a cab driver who was killed in a car crash. The Strait Times reported that a total of $170,000 was raised.

    Charity & Volunteerism

  • Yahoo News reported that Andrew was among a group of 14 Asian business leaders who raised money for victims of devastating floods in Thailand, Cambodia, and The Philippines.

    Charity & Volunteerism


  • Andrew Chow helped LCCS to raise $4000 by linking artist Ocean Wang to an auction of her 1.2x 1.6m painting of F1 driver Fernando Alonso from Ferrari.

    Charity & Volunteerism