Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker

Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker - Andrew Chow speaking at Helsinki Finland at Nordic Blogger Exchange (NBE) 2015
Andrew Chow speaking at Helsinki Finland at Nordic Blogger Exchange (NBE) 2015

The Power of hiring a Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker on Organizations

  • Keynote Speakers are hired for Conferences, Seminars, Convention, Forum and Corporate Retreats.
  • The primary purpose is to transform mindset and the changing attitude of the audience.
  • The key message is decided by the client or jointly decided with the keynote speaker. The style of delivery is to educate, entertain and engage the core of the audience.
  • A great keynote speaker will balance between content, engagement and entertainment.
  • An experienced keynote speaker will incorporate suitable activities to reinforce learning and transformation
  • A great keynote speaker feels the energy of the audience and leads accordingly. 
Andrew Chow with engaging closing keynote speaker activity with balloons in Vietnam SNCF 2019
Andrew Chow with engaging closing keynote activity with balloons in Vietnam SNCF 2019

What’s the difference between a Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker and a Trainer or Workshop Leader?

  • Structurally, training has learning objectives and an outline. A keynote has only 1-3 central ideas.
  • A Keynote will last anywhere between 20-60 minutes. Training can be 3 hours at least.
  • There is an optimum class size for training and workshop maximum to about 25 people. A keynote address can be given to thousands of people.
  • A keynote speaker has no assistant, whereas a trainer or workshop leader has other helpers in the room
  • A keynote is more inspirational, but training or workshop is more interactive and engaging
Andrew Chow at MSMW2016 at Lim Kok Weng University
Andrew Chow at MSMW2016 at Lim Kok Weng University

The list of questions Andrew Chow will have for clients before working as a Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker?

  1. What is the key message of the keynote?
    1. To be future-ready?
    2. To differentiate between innovation and disruption?
    3. To be vigilant of the change of business and eco-system?
    4. Others : _________________________________________
  2. Who is the audience?
    1. What do they already know?
    2. What do they need to know now?
    3. What are they doing well now?
    4. What are the things they need to stop doing now?
    5. What are the actions they need to start having now?
    6. Others : _____________________
  3. What is the key takeaway or change of mindset and attitude the client wants on the audience?
    1. Take Action Now
    2. Personal Reflection on the topic
    3. Learn something new about the topic
    4. Others : _____________________
  4. What are the 3 biggest challenges the industry or the company is facing?
    1. More sophisticated customers?
    2. Alternate business model?
    3. Emerging disruptive technology?
    4. High turnover?
    5. Low morale?
    6. Lack of a shared vision?
    7. Loosely defined culture and practices?
    8. Others : _____________________
  5. What was the key message of the keynote and who was the keynote speaker for last year?
    1. Who was the keynote speaker last year?
    2. A different message this year?
    3. A reinforce of the message last year?
    4. Did the message get through to the audience and resulted in changes? If no, why?
    5. Is there a video of last year’s keynote speaker?
    6. Others : _____________________
  6. Domain knowledge & Keynote Customisation?
    1. How much local knowledge of the industry does the keynote speaker need to possess?
    2. How specific is the customization of the message and case studies?
    3. Is the audience open to learn success stories from other industries and apply to their own?
    4. Others : _____________________
  7. If it is the opening keynote, what is the tone of the conference to be set?
    1. Uplifting
    2. Inspiring
    3. Exploring
    4. Chastising
    5. Educating
    6. Entertaining
    7. Engaging
    8. Admonishing
    9. Others : _____________________
  8. If it is the closing keynote, what is one action that the audience must take within the next 3 days?
    1. Connect to a mastermind group
    2. Review personal performance
    3. Write a journal
    4. Read up on a topic
    5. Be more visible
    6. Change the way we communicate internally
    7. Do simple tasks differently
    8. Others : ______________________
  9. What is the size of the audience and what format is the seating arrangement?
    1. Theatre
    2. Cluster
    3. Free flow
    4. Standing
    5. Others: _____________________
  10. Are there any taboo words or illustrations I should avoid using?
    1. No mentioning of a public figure?
    2. Avoid certain jargon?
    3. Avoid mentioning a part of the company’s history?
    4. What’s the personality of the CEO?
    5. Others: _______________________
  11. How digitally and technologically interaction with the audience?
    1. Level of social media activities and engagement?
    2. Any corporate blocking of certain websites?
    3. The ratio of digital note-taking versus traditional note-taking?
    4. Level of comfort doing a live poll during the keynote
    5. Is there a feedback monitor for the keynote speaker?
    6. Others : _____________________
  12. Will there by simultaneous translation and in how many languages?
    1. Is the second language one who is also understood by the keynote speaker?
    2. Is the translator next to the keynote speaker or sitting in the cubical at the back of the conference hall?
    3. Others : _____________________
  13. What other programs can we implement as a follow-up?
    1. Signature Workshop
    2. Executive Coaching
    3. Panel Session later in the Conference
    4. Others : _____________________

The Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker Mindmaps

Andrew Chow mind map for Personal Branding Keynote Speaker
The outline and approach of a Personal Branding Keynote
Public Relations mind map for Andrwe Chow as Keynote Speaker
Mind Mapping of a Public Relation Keynote Address
Andrew Chow as a Keynote Speaker in 2013 HR Conference
Andrew Chow speaks in 2013 HR Conference

Notable Regional Conferences, which featured Andrew Chow as a Keynote Speaker

  1. New Media Conference in 2011 (Dubai)
  2. Sustainability and Green Conference in 2011 (Srinagar, India)
  3. HR Conference n 2013 (Singapore)
  4. Social Selling Forum in 2013 (Hong Kong)
  5. Nordic Blogger Engagement in 2015 (Finland)
  6. Digital Marketing Masterclass in 2015 with PDI (Philippines)
  7. Gleneagles GPMC Focus Group in 2015 (Brunei)
  8. Book Fest in 2015 (Malaysia)
  9. Tbex Asia in 2015 (Thailand)
  10. Tbex Europe in 2018 (Czech Republic)
  11. Malaysia Social Media Week 2014-2018
  12. SMEICC 2012-2016, 2018 (Singapore)
  13. HR Summit 2017 (Singapore)
  14. International Conference for Tourism Technology (ICTT) in 2017 (India)
  15. IQI Mid Year Conference in 2017 (Malaysia)
  16. Conflict Resolution for HP in 2017 (China)
  17. Enneagram Conference in 2017 (Cape Town, South Africa)
  18. DigiMarCon Asia Pacific 2017
  19. DigiMarCon Asia Pacific 2018
  20. DigiMarcon South 2018 (USA)
  21. DigiMarcon West 2018 (USA)
  22. DigiMarcon MidWest 2018 (USA)
  23. DigiMarcon Europe 2018 (London)
  24. Business 4.0 Conference in 2018 (Malaysia)
  25. Minds of Marketing Conference in 2018 (Malaysia)
  26. Social Media for Recruiters in 2018 (Vietnam)
  27. SNCF Annual Convention 2019 (Vietnam)
  28. Steps to MDRT Conference in 2019 (Cambodia)
  29. Agency Innovation Conference 2019 (Thailand)
Andrew Chow as a Keynote Speker for HR Summit in 2017 on Linkedin and Personal Branding
Andrew Chow gave a Keynote for HR Summit in 2017 on Linkedin and Personal Branding

Signature Keynotes:

  1. How to surf the Digital Transformation Wave with Ease?
  2. Digitalization versus Disruption and Everything else in between
  3. Excuse me, are you a brand?
  4. Embrace a stroke of gratitude for the crisis in your life
  5. What a wise man will tell you about Social Media
  6. The lost art of PR today
  7. Are you my type @ work?
Andrew Chow as Keynote Speaker  in Digimarcon Asia Pacific in 2018
Keynote in Digimarcon Asia Pacific in 2018

Testimonies for Andrew Chow as Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker

Shane Dallas as the Conference Director of TBEX Europe 2018
Shane Dallas as the Conference Director of TBEX Europe 2018
Andrew Chow as keynote speaker in breakout session on Linkedin Marketing for Personal Branding in TBEX Europe 2018
Andrew Chow in a breakout session on Linkedin Marketing for Personal Branding in TBEX Europe 2018

Andrew is one of the great thinkers in business, particularly with online marketing. Since we met in early 2013, Andrew has always impressed me with his acute mind for innovative ideas, and he is always able to craft ideas for different situations. Furthermore, Andrew is an excellent speaker who is able to convey his ideas clearly and with a sprinkling of humour. In 2014, I was asked to suggest a keynote speaker to share the stage with me in Helsinki to discuss Social Media – and Andrew was the first person I recommended

Shane Dallas (Social Media Travel Influencer and Keynote Speaker, Australia)
Andrew Chow as Keynote Speaker with Sorana Duca in DigiMarcon South, DigiMarcon West and DigiMarCon MidWest
Andrew Chow with Sorana Duca in DigiMarcon South, DigiMarcon West, and DigiMarCon MidWest

“I have heard of Andrew Chow in the Conferences World, as being one of the most up to date, revolutionary and applicative Speaker, with an experience across the world, but it is only after meeting and working with him for the DigiMarCon Conferences that I saw how passionate he really is to make a difference for today’s marketers and digital professionals. Andrew’s content and delivery was energizing, fresh, effective and very up to date with the industry’s requirements. I fully recommend working with him for further marketing conferences that need a global expert “

Sorana Duca (Marketing Director, London, UK)
Andrew Chow in ICTT 2017 as Keynote Speaker in Kerala India with Rob Lee
Andrew Chow in ICTT 2017 in Kerala, India with Rob Lee
Andrew Chow as Keynote Speaker on Whatsapp Marketing for Tourism in Kerala India for ICTT 2017
Andrew Chow on Whatsapp Marketing for Tourism in Kerala India for ICTT 2017

I first met Andrew as a fellow speaker at the ICTT 2017 in India. I was immediately struck not only by his natural charisma as a speaker, but genuine warmth towards all of the attendees who had paid to attend. While his presentations were insightful and entertaining, Andrew went to great lengths to make sure that he imparted great value to everyone who sought extra time with him. Since then I have been fortunate to attend Malaysia Social Media Week 2018, which Andrew organised and Digimarcon London 2018, which he hosted. All of these experiences have solidified Andrew in my mind as an exceptional communicator focussed on improving the skills and outlooks of every person he encounters. I could not recommend Andrew highly enough as a Speaker, Event Organiser and Host.

Rob Lee (Instagram Keynote Speaker, UK)

Andrew is an individual that radiates from the crowd. I met him at a travel conference in Bangkok many years ago, one of the few Singaporeans present, and since then we have had a few coffee sessions and even spoke at the same conference in Czech Republic just this year. A confident, smart and always cheerful man who is never afraid to give you some honest much-appreciated advice. Such a joy to know him

Lydia Yang (Digital Marketing Consultant for Hospitality Industry, Singapore)


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