Master the Art of Managing the Press and Media



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Why is Public Relation important to your business?

Though social media is widely used for marketing by many businesses, the power of publicity is still focused on the press and mainstream media.

Publicity is simply the art of matching your brand story to the media’s objectives.

Managing the media and press is both an art and a science.

The more you are mentioned, featured and interview on media and press, the more credible your brand will be.

You will enjoy a bigger mind share of your customers and prospects

You need publicity to be authoritative and social media to be authentic.

What is in this DVD?

1.    Presentation (PPT) and Workbook

–       How do you get connected with the press?

–       How to prepare a press release

–       How to prepare for TV interview

–       What are the creative ways of media pitching

–       How to manage a crisis situation through the media

–       How to prepare for radio interview

2.    Dashboard and Metrics

–       Advertising and publicity calendar plan

–       Press release template

–       Media Specialist Job Description

–       Media Relations Maturity Asessment

–       Media Coverage Analysis Tool

–       Marketing communication Budget tool

–       5 best practices document

3.    Case Studies

–       Romancing Singapore (2006-2008)

–       Singles Cruise Asia (4 TV interview)

4.    Database

–       Local Media Contact List

–       Regional Media Contact List

5.    Videos

–       Raise Your Game – Part 1

–       Raise Your Game – Part 2

BONUS (not for sale)

–       Podcast – 22 chapters on media management

–       Podcast – 6 chapters on Publicity

–       Podcast – 4 chapters on DIY Public Relations

How can this DVD help you in managing better and more successful public relations? You will be able to:

–       Prepare your first press release quickly and efficiently

–       Assess your company if you are ready to manage your own public relation efforts

–       Have access to all local and regional media

–       Train your staff on how to create smart publicity

–       Create a checklist whenever there is a radio or television interview

–       Manage any possible crisis in business through preparing answers for a list of FAQs by the media

–       Study from other case studies how different brand stories can connect with the media

–       Manage your own Public Relations through many creative way of pitching

About Andrew Chow, the man behind the DVD

Andrew is a self-made news marker in over 40 Singapore and regional media. He has been featured, interviewed or quoted over 270 times since 2006. He has also served as Publicity Manager in Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS) since 2011.

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