Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Conventional wisdom says specializing in a niche and be so good at it that you have hardly any competitors and be well positioned. Andrew Chow prefers to blend several related topics and offers a unique perspective on how disrupted the future can be when we become Jack of Many Trades.

Digital Transformation

Agile Marketing

Public Relations

Event Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Personality Profiling

Team Building

Andrew Chow | Top Social Media & Digital Marketing Speaker
  • Digital Transformation

    A versatile Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker in Singapore and the region. Adopt a balanced approach to prevailing technology, data analytics and humanising the tech work culture.

  • Agile Marketing

    Formulate and Implementing integrated marketing strategies on paid, owned, and earned platforms according to the Customer Journey and Customer Persona.

  • Public Relations

    Craft and Communicate Strategic and Tactical Messages through different stories and angles for all stakeholders through mainstream and social media.

  • Event Marketing

    Create and Organize thematic business events for communications, networking and marketing purposes while forging key strategic alliances.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Setting goals, define the audience, communicate messages through high-value content, active engagement and building the tribe.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Research, Match, recommend and evaluate suitable bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers to brands for social proof and mindshare

  • Personality Profiling

    Profile people from different levels and within the organisation to discover motivation, unleash hidden potential and facilitate growth and development for leadership.

  • Team Building

    Harness the difference and unique contribution within the team to achieve collaboration and innovation. Ultimately, it is to prepare the company to be ready for digital transformation and making the company relevant.