Panel Moderator

Andrew Chow as your panel moderator of your event will inspire engagement and energy from the audience while drawing insights from panelists through dynamic questions

What is the job of a Panel Moderator?

Andrew’s job as a panel moderator is to help the audience get their needs met through a panel format.  He will not have the energy of a usual keynote speaker. He will set the tone, the pace of the content, staying ever-vigilant in keeping it relevant for the audience.

It is also his responsibility to make sure the panel is lively, engaging and worthwhile.

Panel Moderator - Andrew Chow

Depending on the panel objectives, Andrew will assume one or more of the following roles and responsibilities:

Champion for the Audience.  Makes sure the panel is talking about timely issues that the audience cares about.  Always be alert and reacts to the audience, keeping the conversation on track and relevant for them.

Facilitator.  Creates the agenda, keeps the discussions on track, brings out differing opinions and the most salient information, balances all panelist participation, clarify any confusion and intervenes as needed – especially when someone is taking over the conversation.

Timekeeper.  Ensure the panel starts and ends on time.  Makes sure they don’t spend too much or too little time on any one single topic.

Panel Moderator APSS - Andrew Chow CSP

Content Coordinator.  Works with the before the conference starts, to make sure their presentations do not overlap.  Identifies the areas of debate and controversy.

Energizer.  Sustain the energy of the room and enthusiasm.  Works the room and engage the audience too.  Injects the appropriate humor where appropriate

Neutral & Objective.  Knowing when to withhold his own personal opinions and judgment. Andrew will not show bias or toward any particular side, faction or person.

A panel moderator isn’t someone who is the most knowledgeable, but he must take the position of a learner and steer the discussion in the right direction.