Signature Workshop

Andrew Chow Signature Workshop Overview

  • Andrew Chow Signature Workshop Programs are for smaller groups by job functions or department level work teams
  • The primary purpose is to upskill the core competencies according to the learning outcomes are decided by the client.
  • The methodology is to create experiential learning through short presentations, customized designed activities, group discussion and personal reflection
  • The duration of the workshops can be half day, a full day or even 2 days depending on the requirement. 
  • The class size should not be more than 25 to maximize the effectiveness of the interaction and attention by the workshop leader. 

Andrew Chow Signature Workshop Titles

  1. Are You My Type @ Work?
  2. Different but not Difficult
  3. How to influence People
  4. Excuse me, are you a brand?
  5. Your Personality determines Your Leadership
  6. Masters of Networking
  7. Linkedin Marketing through Profile and Page
  8. Exploring Social Media for Public Services
  9. Public Relations for Non-PR Managers
  10. Digital Transformation Readiness and Confidence

Workshop Participants’ Feedback

Andrew Chow Signature Workshop was delivered as smooth as silk. And with aplomb. He had the audience undivided attention as he delivered all the gem after gem of tips and must-dos when using LinkedIn on an individual basis as well as on the corporate front. Connect with him and you will be amazed by him!

Desmond Lee (My Republic Limited)

Loved his presentation! Andrew is an engaging speaker. Andrew Chow Signature Workshop is all about how to improve your profile were straight to the point, practical and easy to implement. Cannot ask for more! . Cheers, Andrew.

Angeline Fiechter (Ardent World Inc. & Marie France Group of Companies)

It all started with his book – Personal Branding 247 which forced me out of my immediate comfort zone. It got me thinking about my vision and personal mission in this world. Looking at things from such a high level gave me the clarity and courage which I’ve not had before to create a perfect world I envision.

During his 3-full-day Andrew Chow Signature Workshop, we were trained on the different ways to market ourselves online. We are even given step-by-step instructions on how to do so. It is definitely intense and exceeded my expectations completely. It ended with me going live on Facebook and garnering some 1.5K view to date. Definitely not something I would do on a normal day. But you see, Andrew has such high expectations of his classes and the people he works with. He will certainly help you to unlock your potentials and achieve bigger milestones in life. So blessed to have him as a coach and mentor.

Vivienne Neo (Rockwills International Group)

Selected Signature Workshop Presentation Deck:

How to Influence People from Andrew Chow ✯ Keynote Speaker ✯