Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission. Vision is what I see in the future. The mission is what do I need to do now to reach what I see in the future.

Andrew Chow Speaking in Minds of Marketing in Malaysia 2018 - Vision and Mission.
Andrew Chow Speaking in Minds of Marketing in Malaysia 2018(1)

Visualization is more than just a mental trick. If you can’t see clearly to the end of the line, chances are your goal lacks clarity. Vision and Mission go together, it is important for individuals too to lead a purposeful Life.

The Sun-baked Ice - Vision and Mission

My Vision:

“A World where everyone is ready for the future with the right Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude”.

Vision and Mission
Sunrise at Haifa

My Mission:

“To make complicated concepts simple to understand and ideas, easy to implement”

Reflection of the Sun - Vision and Mission
Table Mountain, Cape Town, SA

My Tagline:

“Jack of Many Trades. Master of A Few”.

20-Big Brother (Vision and Mission)
Masai Mara, Safari

My Personal Values:

curious | reflective | soulful

empathy | spontaneous | initiative

My Personal Belief:

My Moniker: @ideasandrew

11-Sunset Sail (Vision and Mission)
Dubai, Sunset

My Personal Logo:

(see brand identity)


Andrew Chow logo

My Enneagram Personality: 378 (Movers and Shakers)


The 378 tri-type is exactly the kind of person a successful venture needs. While this type is often very goal-oriented with a particularly strong ability to notice what is not working and needs to be changed.

The 378 enjoys such obstacles and sees them as a welcome challenge to be overcome. With all three cores seeking comfort outside of the person, it is often their inner goals that go ignored. 3 looks to the world for direction and feedback and is constantly adjusting in order to succeed. 7 looks to the world for excitement and novelty to resist the anxieties of life. 8 looks to the world to guard against anything that would seek to control. With such a focus on achieving their goals in a new and exciting way, the 378 can sometimes ignore the impact of their intensity on others and may even overlook the importance of looking inside themselves to understand their own motives.

The Vision and Mission is very much affected by Enneagram type.

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